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Wisdom from the past

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Date: August 6, 2020

Theme: Wisdom from the past

Prompt: What important lessons have we forgotten, misplaced, or turned away from over time? How might these practices and beliefs be (re)applied for the benefit of modern life? 


Pre-work: Think of at least one example of a past belief, practice, or system that has fallen out of favor that’s making a comeback or could benefit the world today. Challenge yourself to think across disciplines, e.g. work, personal life, community, organizations, government, etc.

Facilitation questions

  • What did you like or dislike about the articles? What struck close to home?
  • Thinking across personal life, business, government, and academia:
    • What are other examples of concepts, idea, or practices that are valuable but fell out of favor?
    • What concepts, ideas, or practices seem to be coming back into vogue?
  • Why do we lose sight of wisdom from the past?
  • When can or should something come back?
  • What drives (re)adoption of an older idea?
  • What might you change in your life or work based on this conversation?