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S2E4: Movement

Reinvented | S2 | Tim Anderson | Movement

Tim Anderson is an educator, personal trainer, and the founder of Original Strength, a movement to help people remember how to move well and live better lives. In a nutshell, his job is to help people feel amazing.

In this conversation, I speak with Tim about the origins of Original Strength, how it’s changed my life, the joy of doing strange things in public, and living like a superhero.

We also talk about some of Tim’s favorite sayings, including “It feels good to feel good,” “Start where you are,” and “Be your own chef.”


3:00 – The Original Strength philosophy

4:45 – The road to “wrongville” is wider than we think

9:15 – Does change start in the mind or the body?

11:15 – The five resets

15:30 – “Start where you are”

19:30 – “Good, better, best”

20:45 – “Be your own chef”

24:30 – Doing strange things in public

31:15 – Superman and finding a role model

35:00 – Where to learn more about OS


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