Resilience 101


A lot has been written about resilience, particularly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, much of what’s out there is either too fluffy, abstract, or narrow to help you get started in a meaningful way.

As a result, I created my own library of resources to help you become more resilient.

What you’ll find below:

An in-depth guide to becoming more resilient

A workbook to teach you simple yet powerful new practices

Real insights from interviews with amazing and inspiring survivors

Discussions with other experts and resilience practitioners

Additional resources to help you keep learning and growing

In-depth guide

Want to go deep on resilience?

Does your mind crave structure and order?

This in-depth guide was written for left-brained thinkers – the MBAs, consultants, and other professionals who appreciate bringing order out of chaos.

Take a look:

How to become more resilient:
A guide for left-brained thinkers

Chris Bordoni | Resilience 101 | How to become more resilient: A guide for left-brained thinkers

The Resilience Workbook

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Resilience in action

Want to hear from real people who found a way to thrive in the face of adversity?

The 100 Inspiring Voices podcast is exploring amazing stories of overcoming adversity.

Here are a few of my favorite stories:

Sense of purpose

“You don’t just love the person because you love them. You accept that they are non-permanent, just like you are. Just like everything is. That added this richness, and frankly beauty, to how I loved my kids and how I love people in my life.”


“Your friendship is forged through disease. Your friendship has come through this crazy time…
I feel no shame or fear in being completely honest with these people. And that’s super crazy liberating to have that.”

Faith and hope

“To be frank, the biggest source of
[resilience for me was] my faith. I’m a Christian and that faith background gives me a very strong foundation of hope.”

More from the experts

What have other experts learned about resilience and growing from adversity?

These are a few of my favorite expert-interviews from the 100 Inspiring Voices podcast:

Individual resilience

“The process of therapy is about exploring the past and past pain, but more than that, it is about exploring and excavating people’s resilience and coping skills because when we are struggling, we forget that we have them.”

Community resilience

A resilient community is a community that has worked on being resilient. It is not just a coincidence. For example the sense of belonging to the community, the leadership in the community, the sense of cohesion prior to the disaster or traumatic event.”

Organizational resilience

“The trauma that comes from those experiences loosens their grip on what they thought was true and readies them for radical change.”

Additional resources

Want to go even deeper on adversity, resilience, and post-traumatic growth?

I’ve included an ever-growing library of resources below for you to look through.


These are some of my favorite books about resilience:


Personal resilience

Organizational resilience

Have a suggestion of your own? Send me an e-mail!