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S2E2: Commitment

Reinvented | S2 | Pete Davis | Commitment

In this episode, I speak with Pete Davis, author of Dedicated: The Case for Commitment in an Age of Infinite Browsing about the dangers of keeping your options open, lessons we can learn from famous “long haul heroes,” and how choosing to commit to something outside of yourself can change your life.


0:45 – Why commitment matters

5:30 – An introduction to Infinite Browsing Mode

12:30 – How commitment makes everything better

16:30 – Vocation and professionalism, i.e. commitment at work

25:30 – Why we’re stuck in Infinite Browsing Mode

30:30 – The importance of compromise and the role of depth vs. substance

35:00 – How to choose where to commit: six types of commitment (citizens, patriots, builders, stewards, artisans, and companions) and specific practices to find your way (lowering the bar, Ignatian discernment, experience)

42:30 – How to maintain your commitments in a world full of browsing

48:30 – Whether you have to “succeed” for commitment to be worthwhile

53:00 – More advice on getting started


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