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S2E10: Friendship

Reinvented | S2E10 | Friendship | Marisa Franco

I speak with Dr. Marisa G. Franco, a friendship expert, about what healthy relationships look like, how friendships help us to know ourselves better, and how to start making better connections.


1:00 – What does a healthy friendship look like?

2:30 – Why friendships matter (and how they help you know yourself)

6:30 – The three types of loneliness

9:00 – How modern society contributes to loneliness

13:30 – How relationships form: Initiate, disclose, expose, affirm

25:45 – Asking for support and intimacy

28:15 – Positive vibes only vs. doing the work

31:00 – How to rebuild friendships

37:30 – Turning inward to make friends

43:15 – The optimal use of technology

46:30 – Quality vs. quantity

48:45 – Where to learn more


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