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S2E8: Prayer

Reinvented | S2 | Prayer | James Martin

Today, I speak with Father James Martin, a Jesuit priest and author of Learning to Pray

You may recognize Father Jim from his appearances on The Colbert Report. You may also have seen the handwritten letter he received from Pope Francis encouraging him to continue his outreach to the LGBT community.  

In this conversation, we talk about the power of prayer and simple ways to incorporate prayer into your life. 


0:50 – What is prayer, why pray, and being called to prayer

5:35 – Prayer as a relationship

10:05 – My (unintentional) experiences with prayer

13:40 – The still, small voice

15:35 – How to pray and the examination of conscience

20:25 – Discernment, Part 1: When is it God talking?

27:15 – Discernment, Part 2: How to choose between A and B

32:50 – How to introduce God and spirituality to children

37:15 – Where to go to learn more


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