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S1E7. My story (from Forging Mettle)

Reinvented | Season 1 | Chris Bordoni | My story (from Forging Mettle)


To conclude Season 1, I share my personal story of overcoming adversity and what I’ve learned along the way.

Special thanks to Ron Duren, Jr and Tara O’Brien of the Forging Mettle podcast for allowing me to re-air our interview.


1:50 – My resilience journey: Shoulders, back, and cancer

4:30 – A product of my upbringing

7:30 – Learning the lessons without the pain

11:30 – An introduction to post-traumatic growth

14:30 – Leaving the cult of perfectionism

19:15 – What’s my “why”?

23:00 – Reasons for humility

24:15 – What I’ve learned about resilience and how to build more

31:15 – Writing my failure resume

36:30 – Where to learn more about my work

38:30 – My most painful failure and what I learned


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