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S1E1. Wounded in battle

In this conversation, I speak with Zach Osborne, a former Army Ranger, about dealing with uncertainty, how his faith provided hope during challenging times, and why being wounded in Afghanistan was ultimately a gift.

SEASON #1: When adversity strikes

In Season 1 of Reinvented, we’re exploring what happens when adversity strikes – from finding new sources of strength to rethinking your identity, and beyond.

How to become more resilient: A guide for left-brained thinkers

How many times have you read an article on resilience and thought: “That’s great, but now what??”

Or, have you had a friend say: “You HAVE to try mindfulness!!” only to try it and find out that it’s not for you?

If you feel like there’s a gap between recognizing the importance of resilience and understanding where to get started, this article is for you.

How to escape the loneliness epidemic

How important are relationships to your happiness and wellbeing?

How can we be so connected but feel so lonely?

And what steps can we take to develop better relationships, build community, and feel more connected?

(Re)learning to love the down cycle

(Re)learning to love the down cycle

Cycles are everywhere, but we keep trying to change or eliminate them. What do we lose in the process? And what might we gain from (re)learning to love the down cycle?