Each year, I work with a small number of coaching clients.

What makes a client a good fit? In short, they are:

  1. Already successful professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders
  2. Highly motivated to continue improving
  3. Sold on the value of coaching

Does that sound like you or someone you know?

If so, keep reading.

Focus areas

I work with clients that are interested in transforming their lives. That might look like:

  • Defining a new career path and then landing a dream job
  • Preparing for a “second act” after a successful first career
  • Growing from personal and professional setbacks
  • Re-examining core values and life choices

Why these?

Because that’s where my passion and experiences meet: At the intersection of growth strategy, resilience, and reinvention.

Wouldn’t you prefer to work with a coach who knows what it’s like to grapple with the very challenges that you’re facing?


My coaching practice is informed by three beliefs:

  1. People learn best through personal experiences. There’s no theory, case study, or playbook, that can replace the value of trying something yourself. Our work together is about identifying creative experiments that will allow you to learn more quickly and deeply
  2. Most people chronically underinvest in self-reflection and are deeply uncomfortable slowing down, re-focusing, and prioritizing. Not convinced? Read this article about (Re)Learning to love the down cycle.
  3. Change takes time and it occurs in waves. We’ll work closely together, and then you’ll have space to reflect, deepen, and integrate what you’ve learned. I don’t promise results overnight, and I don’t think that anyone should expect them either.

How it works

To start, we set up a 90-minute discussion to talk about your aspirations, motivations, and level of commitment.

If there’s a mutual fit, we work together to create a fully bespoke coaching plan for you.

If not, I’ll suggest other resources or professionals that might help you get where you’re hoping to go.


Still not sure?

Here’s what others have said about working together:

“For any motivated individual with an aspiring professional or personal goal and an open mind, Chris will help you find your path. He won’t give you the answer or reach your goals for you, you will need to work – and work hard. However, the hours put in will help you grow, learn, and gain an entirely new perspective.”

“I approach projects, conversations, and presentations differently after working with Chris. I have received two promotions since working with him, and I most certainly attribute them to the skills and experiences gained through our time together.”

“Chris has been incredibly helpful to me both professionally and personally while working through significant life changes and weighing different paths for my career.  He’s a superb listener, offers questions that are both thought provoking and empathetic, and offers insights in a way that feels empowering and actionable. He is uplifting, calming, inspiring, never judgmental.  I’ve left every session feeling more prepared and confident to proceed with well-considered choices and plans for my future. Thank you, Chris!”