It takes the hood to save the hood with Rudy Corpuz Jr.

As a young man, Rudy Corpuz Jr. was a high school drop-out, gang member, and drug dealer.

Today, Rudy is the Executive Director of United Playaz, a youth-led violence prevention program based in San Francisco.

This is his story of turning pain into hope.

A gift at 23 years old with Zach Osborne

In this conversation, I speak with Zach Osborne, a former Army Ranger, about dealing with uncertainty, how his faith provided hope during challenging times, and why being wounded in Afghanistan was ultimately a gift.

A second chance at life with Richard Atkins

“There were some lessons I was supposed to take from that day and I needed something like a cardiac arrest to get me thinking in the right way.”

Show notes and more at chrisbordoni.com/a-second-chance-at-life

Awakening a force for good with John Montgomery

How can businesses create more benefit and do less harm?

I speak with John Montgomery, executive producer of Awakening a Force for Good, about his upcoming film.

Show notes and more at chrisbordoni.com/8-awakening-a-force-for-good

Never let a crisis go to waste with Julie Hile

Rahm Emanuel famously said “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

In this conversation, I speak with another Illinoisan, Julie Hile, who has spent the last 30 years helping transform organizations in heavy industry who have encountered “near misses” or catastrophic safety events.

Unearthing resilience with Michelle Palmer

How do professionals think about adversity, trauma, and resilience? To find out, we speak with Michelle Palmer, the Executive Director of the Wendt Center for Loss & Healing in Washington, DC.

Joy in the air with Sailini Lohia

Ever dream about quitting your job and doing something completely different? We speak with Sailini Lohia about leaving Corporate America to start the Fiore Montessori School.

Something bigger than yourself with Bob Berschinski

By age 16, Bob Berschinski had been kicked out of high school, disowned by his family, and had lost his dream of becoming a Marine. We talk about his involvement in the civil rights movement, protesting against the Vietnam war, and serving a purpose bigger than yourself.