The psychology of disasters with Dr. Rony Berger

What can we learn about resilience from 9/11, Fukushima, and Hurricane Katrina?

What do experts believe enables post-traumatic growth?

And how might this change how we raise our kids?

To find out, I speak with superstar psychologist, Dr. Rony Berger.

Life is a choice with Carmen Tarleton

Despite being attacked in one of the vilest ways imaginable, Carmen Tarleton’s story is one of forgiveness, incredible resilience, and of finding meaning and purpose in the bleakest of circumstances.

We’re designed to be superheroes with Tim Anderson

What if we’re not meant to get old?

What if we’re meant to feel good and move well for our entire lives?

To learn more, I speak with Tim Anderson, founder of Original Strength, about the movement he started to help people remember how to move well and live better lives.

The sabbatical project with DJ DiDonna

Can an extended period of time away from work transform your life?

To find out, I speak with DJ DiDonna, founder of the Sabbatical Project, about his research, his personal experiences, and the movement that he’s building.

This is my superpower with Allison Pullins

What would it be like to find out that your child has a serious genetic disorder?

To find out, I speak with Allison Pullins about her son’s diagnosis with Marfan syndrome and how the experience changed her life for the better.

Remembering the Holocaust with Erika Gold

Erika Taubner Gold was born in 1932 in Budapest, Hungary, 4 months before Adolph Hitler came to power.

As a girl, Erika watched Hitler’s rise, culminating in Hitler’s eventual invasion of Hungary in 1944.

In Erika’s words: “In order to survive, you had to be at the right place at the right time, you and to be the right age, you had to have somebody helping you, and you had to be very lucky. That’s the only way any of us survived.”

This is Erika’s story.