S2E6: Sleep

Heather Darwall-Smith, author of The Science of Sleep, joins the show to explain what good sleep looks like and how to get more of it.

S2E5: Eating

Diets don’t work for most people, but is there (finally) a better way?

In this episode, I speak with Josh Hillis, author of Lean and Strong, about how eating guidelines and eating skills can help reset your relationship with food.

S2E4: Movement

What if we’re not meant to get old?

What if we’re meant to feel good and move well for our entire lives?

To learn more, I speak with Tim Anderson, founder of Original Strength, about the movement he started to help people remember how to move well and live better lives.

S2E3: Discomfort

Are you part of the 2% of people that take the stairs instead of using the escalator?

If not, what might you gain from adding a bit of discomfort back into your life?

S2E2: Commitment

Is there value in committing when everyone else is trying to keep their options open? What does it take to overcome FOMO?

S2E1: Happiness

To kick-off Season 2, I speak with my friend and founder of The New Happy, Stephanie Harrison, about the science of finding true happiness in life.

S1E5. Failing your way to sobriety

What’s it like to battle addiction? Why is it so hard to get sober? And what’s on the other side of recovery?

To find out, I speak with Erica C. Barnett, author of Quitter: A Memoir of Drinking, Relapse, and Recovery.