Building a movement, one ribbon at a time

At some point, we’re all called to act.

This week’s guest decided to heed the call.

Her action – which seemed impossibly small at the time time – has snowballed into a full-fledged movement.

Tough love, second chances, and The Road Up

Every community has people that are changing the world for better.

Maria Kim, President & CEO of Cara, is one of those people.

I speak with Maria about what makes her organization unique, how Cara helps people get back on their feet, and what’s next for Maria.

Lessons from an intuitive medium

What does it mean to have a gift?

What if that gift isn’t easily explained or accepted?

And if it was you, would you have the courage to use your gift to help and heal others?

Improv saved my life

What is it about comedy that speaks to so many people who’ve had difficult childhoods?

For Jimmy Carrane, improv saved his life.

Game night meets group therapy

When do you feel out of place? Is there anything too serious to be joked about? What are you willing to fight for and why?

In this conversation, I speak with Michael Tennant, Founder of Curiosity Lab and the creator of Actually Curious, a hugely successful card game that’s designed to spread empathy.

Rebuilding community in America

After an attack on the U.S. Capitol, months of protesting, and nearly a year in quarantine, it’s time to start talking about rebuilding community in America.

In this conversation, I speak with Shaylyn Romney Garrett about the future of American society, her latest book with Robert Putnam, and her personal quest to finding belonging in her own life.