Lessons from an intuitive medium

100 Inspiring Voices | Episode #27 | Carrie Stiers | Lessons from an intuitive medium


At age 5, Carrie Stiers had a metaphysical experience that made it clear that her life would be anything but normal.

Today, Carrie is an intuitive medium, a spiritual teacher, and a life coach.

We talk about how she found the courage to follow a path that wasn’t broadly accepted, how she uses her gifts to help people heal, and her advice for the new year.

P.S. If this feels a little too out there for you, I’d encourage you to keep an open mind. Personally, I love the idea of exploring different belief systems, different sources of hope and healing, and I think there’s so much we can learn from conversations like this.


3:20 – “All the sudden, I looked up and there was my grandmother, walking down the centre aisle of the church, dressed in her Sunday best, followed by some of her closest friends, and she stopped at the end of our pew, and she asked me to scoot down because she was here for her funeral… it was as if she was a real person, an actual physical being.”

7:05 – “She said to me before she left ‘Please do not be afraid. This is a gift. This is a blessing.’ And she turned, and she was gone.”

7:30 – “As a child, that was one of my first memories. And she left me with that legacy of understanding, seeing in that very clear moment, that the soul goes on.”

9:00 – “I love that… I come back to that idea that even though the soul shifts and changes, the soul never dies… it’s about getting back to a fundamental truth about who we are as energetic beings.”

10:30 – “I can understand how others would listen to that story and say ‘I can’t quite connect to that’ but that’s always been my experience and of course we can only ever lead in our life with the experiences we’ve had.”

14:30 – “What I love… is the whole idea about us being open. It’s the idea that, okay, do we really know? Is our way of thinking really the right way? Is it really true? That’s a question I pose to myself… as a seeker… it brings up a lot of questions.”

18:50 – “I find that a lot of people seek me out when they are needing answers and solutions that they can’t find elsewhere. Maybe they’ve tried traditional counseling, maybe they’ve talked to a trusted friend, maybe they’ve done some research and they just can’t seem to find an answer that settles them.”

20:40 – “I believe we all have guides here. I don’t think anyone comes to Earth without a support team.”

24:10 – “I see everything in this world as being such a cooperative experience. I don’t feel us walking alone… I feel we’re all intuitive, especially healers.”

25:10 – “It’s just an informal conversation. Everyone is different and every intuitive has their own process just like every doctor and therapist has their own process.”

26:00 – “I’m always reminded that I am a vessel and that spirit is working through me. And that there is a divine intelligence in the universe about what people need, and that my only job is to get my brain out of the way and to get my head out of the way.”

28:40 – “Things happen in life that literally crack us open… the beautiful part about the heart being cracked open is that it allows for the light to come in. It allows a little light into the heart.”

29:35 – “Don’t take away a good crisis because in fact crisis is one of our greatest instruments to learn from… it’s just such a beautiful time for growth.”

30:00 – “As an abuse survivor, I look at that as a child, and I did a lot of counseling and therapy with that. But my goodness gracious, I would never take away that experience in my life because it was one of the things in my story that cracked me open to be open to other ways. And I’m so grateful to it.”

31:45 – “Intuition is just having a sense or a feeling, and we all have senses and feelings about all the things.”

32:05 – “I grew up in a really small, conservative community where none of this would be acceptable. But I was really blessed I had a mother who was open to it.”

34:15 – “It wasn’t until later in life, where I had been a journalist, I had been a writer, I had done lots of other things, that my mentor called me and said you know, I’m dying, I have a terminal cancer diagnosis, and it’s time for you to step up.”

36:15 – “If you’re curious about something or feeling drawn to something, you don’t have to do it full time. You can just explore it… if you get a positive data point, that’s permission to go explore it more.”

40:45 – “I just want someone everyday to tell me it’s going to be okay.”

43:30 – “The world is going through a tremendous amount of healing right now… [but] healing is not a linear process.”

45:35 – “We have to hold in our hearts that change is not always comfortable. It doesn’t always feel comfortable. Healing never feels comfortable initially.”

47:15 – “I feel that love is really all that’s real, and ultimately will have the final say.”


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