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S2E9: Intuition

Reinvented | S2 | Carrie Stiers | Intuition

Why listen to a podcast episode with an intuitive medium?

Because it’s an amazing opportunity to hear from someone who (literally and figuratively) sees the world differently than we do.

Join me as I speak to Carrie Stiers about the role intuition plays in our lives, how crises can open us up to new ideas, and how she found the courage to design her own life.


2:15 – How Carrie discovered her gift

7:30 – The soul never dies

11:10 – Synchronicity, dreams, and spiritual openings

13:45 – What’s really true?

18:30 – When people turn to mediums for help and how it works

24:30 – Seeing intuition in new places

27:30 – Crisis and opening up to new possibilities

30:30 – Finding a safe community

41:30 – Where to go if you want to learn more

44:00 – Thoughts on healing in 2021


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