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Who we are

Bordoni & Company is a boutique strategy consultancy started in 2015.

In a nutshell, we help leaders of medium-sized enterprises, large nonprofits, and foundations to reinvent their organizations during periods of radical change.

To learn more about our focus and approach, keep reading.

Where we focus

Innovation and growth are important, but in our experience, continually focusing on “what’s new” and “what’s next” obscures the potential in what we already have.

Call us sentimental – yes, we prefer vinyl records, rust belt cities, and face-to-face interactions at the grocery store – but we’re partial to helping legacy institutions figure out how to navigate a few bumps in the road.

If you like pictures, we tend to work with clients that are on the right hand side of this chart:

To be specific, here are a few recent examples of our work:

  • Developing a transformation program for a large training company to navigate rapidly changing customer preferences and the emergence of new competitors
  • Launching a public-private partnership to improve economic competitiveness in a rust belt state
  • Coaching leadership and staff through the turnaround of a failed $10M acquisition
  • Developing a workshop series to help a global association reimagine the future of chapters and professional communities in a hybrid world
  • Creating the strategy for a large corporate foundation to shift its mission and programmatic focus to drive greater equity and inclusion
  • Building a program to foster greater organizational resilience at a large non-profit

How we work

At the highest level, here’s what we do: we help our clients get clear about the problem they’re trying to solve, establish the case for change, identify the organization’s unique “superpowers”, and then develop a tailored strategy to move forward.

Why the focus on superpowers?

Because in our experience, every organization has a set of bona fide strengths – though not always obvious, and certainly not always sexy – that are the cornerstone for moving forward.

Plus, we’ve found that it’s a lot more motivating to build on what’s working than to fixate on everything that’s broken.

So what else makes us different?

For one thing, we’re not dogmatic about how the work gets done. Sometimes we recommend working side-by-side over several months. Other times, we think that a few well-planned workshops or a leadership coaching arrangement will be more effective. Either way, it’s the results, not the process, that matters.

And finally, as a small organization, we’re not shy about partnering with other specialists. We play well with others, and we find that our clients get more value out of hearing diverse viewpoints. If you’re curious, you can learn more about our partners here.

Getting in touch

If you’re a leader whose organizations is facing rapidly changing market conditions, has experienced a major setback or failure, or you simply think there must be a better way forward, we’re to help.

Bordoni & Company is based in Upstate New York but work with clients across the United States.

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