Never let a crisis go to waste with Julie Hile


Julie Hile is the CEO of Hile Group, a consultancy that helps clients engage in transformative change.

Hile Group works with heavy industry clients, including those in freight and passenger rail, dredging, maritime, and general construction, often after they face a “near miss” or catastrophic incident.

Julie talks about how her work often leads to more than improved safety, including a greater understanding of an organization’s values, improved learning, and transformation more generally.


2:20 – “The trauma that comes from those experiences loosens their grip on what they thought was true and readies them for radical change.”

4:20 – “A deep incident review of a single event will frequently map out to issues that are also true at the grander scale.”

8:15 – “I often say a life changing event is the source of prevention of many further life changing events if the system learns the lessons of the initial event.”

11:00 – “We will recognize what’s on point and off point because of our experience but it won’t happen if they don’t think it was their idea.”

12:15 – “If you can’t get people to own it, none of the other stuff matters. It’s not even worth showing up.”

14:20 – “Hile Group consultants are relentless about changing happening now.”

14:45 – “Part of the reason we are so focused on data is that it is a meeting place for us with our clients. We agree that these are the things that we are going to move on.”

17:00 – “A good strong safety culture pays off in both the big hug and the bottom line.”

17:45 – “COVID is the kind of call to attention that an isolated, catastrophic event can be.”


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