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100 Inspiring Voices

As someone fascinated by reinvention, it wasn’t lost on me that my old podcast, 100 Inspiring Voices, was starting to get stale. The guests were amazing and the insights were invaluable, but the overall experience was starting to feel predictable.

So with that in mind – and after chatting with listeners and guests and reflecting on my professional interests – it became clear that it was time to make some big changes.

I’m excited to introduce my new show, Reinvented, whose title, well, says it all.

In brief, Reinvented is a show about the art and science of transformation, and in each season we’ll explore the concept from a different angle.

For those who listened to 100 Inspiring Voices, the first season will be familiar. In Season 1: “When Adversity Strikes”, we’re exploring how adversity can lead to opportunities to grow, change, and yes, reinvent.

It’s a great show, and I’m so excited for what’s to come.

If you’re here, however, because you’re hoping to listen to a past episode, no worries – all of the original episodes can be found below.

Enjoy the show, and thank you again for your support!

P.S. don’t forget to subscribe to the new show if you haven’t done so already!

Episode archive

Please see below for all past episodes of 100 Inspiring Voices, listed in the order in which they were released.

Dan Berschinski

Dan Berschinski is a former Army Ranger who was severely wounded during his first tour of duty to Afghanistan in 2009.  Miraculously, after three-and-a-half years of rehab, Dan became the military’s first above-the-knee and hip-disarticulation amputee to walk on a daily basis. 

Bob Berschinski

As a young man, Bob Berschinski was deeply involved in the civil rights movement, protests against the Vietnam war, and the labor movement. We talk about the importance of serving a purpose bigger than yourself and the experience of seeing his youngest son – our guest during episode #1 – wounded in combat.

Sailini Lohia

10 years ago, Sailini Lohia left Corporate America to co-found the Fiore Montessori School in Vienna, VA. We talk about the decision to take a major leap of faith, the process of starting a school, and a lot about Montessori philosophy.

Michelle Palmer

Michelle Palmer is a clinical social worker who runs the Wendt Center for Loss & Healing, a non-profit mental health agency in Washington, DC. We talk about building and excavating resilience skills, how parents can find the right amount of adversity for their children, protecting your mental health during Covid-19, and when to ask for help.

Josh Sorin

Josh Sorin is the Program Director for City Innovation at the Centre for Public Impact. We talk about his recently published report “How to Fail (Forward): A Framework for Fostering Innovation in the Public Sector.”

Derick Carter

Derick Carter is the Well Being Officer at a professional services firm in Washington, DC. He is also a Board member at the Heart Based Institute and a Consultant for A Human Workplace. I speak with Derick about how an injury early in his life led him down a long, winding, and transformational path toward relearning how to live from the heart.

Julie Hile

Julie Hile is the CEO of Hile Group, a consultancy that helps clients engage in transformative change. Julie talks about how her work often leads to more than improved safety, including a greater understanding of an organization’s values, improved learning, and transformation more generally.

John Montgomery

John Montgomery is the executive producer of Awakening a Force for Good, a full-feature documentary film about how business can create positive change in society. In this conversation, I speak with John about how corporations lost their way and how they can become a force for good.

Richard Atkins

One year ago, Richard was just 10 minutes into a 122 kilometer cycling race when he went into sudden cardiac arrest. I speak with Richard about surviving a near death experience, figuring out what’s important in your life, the power of speaking with other survivors, and getting back on the bike.

Zach Osborne

In 2009, Zach Osborne was a 23-year-old Army Ranger serving in Afghanistan. When Zach’s Stryker vehicle was struck by an IED, Zach was gravely wounded. I speak with Zach about dealing with uncertainty, how his faith provided a fountain of hope, and why he doesn’t regret any of what happened.

Rudy Corpuz Jr

Rudy Corpuz Jr. is the Executive Director of United Playaz, a youth-led violence prevention program based in San Francisco. In this conversation, we speak about his personal journey, the birth of the United Playaz, how he thinks about regrets, and what continues to motivate him after 26 years.

Erika Gold

Erika Taubner Gold was born in 1932 in Budapest, Hungary, 4 months before Adolph Hitler came to power. As a girl, Erika watched Hitler’s rise, culminating in Hitler’s eventual invasion of Hungary in 1944. This is Erika’s story.

Allison Pullins

I speak with Allison Pullins about about what it’s like finding out that your child has a rare genetic disorder, the challenges of living with a chronic disease, and how Allison has found meaning from this experience.

Stephanie Harrison

Stephanie Harrison is on a mission to help people live better, happier lives. In short, Stephanie believes that happiness is about “finding your gifts and sharing them with the world in order to make it a better place.”

DJ DiDonna

DJ DiDonna is the founder of the Sabbatical Project, an initiative transforming people’s lives by encouraging them to take extended periods of time off from work. I speak with DJ about falling out of love with his dream job, embarking on pilgrimages across Spain and Japan, and how his time away from work changed his life.

Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson is an educator, personal trainer, and the founder of Original Strength, a movement to help people remember how to move well and live better lives. In a nutshell, his job is to help people feel amazing.

Scott Simon

As a child, Scott Simon was severely bullied. In his own words, he felt small, insignificant, and afraid. This episode is about saying “yes” to the things that scare you. This episode is about using your fear to create a lifetime of joy, happiness, and wellbeing.

Carmen Tarleton

On June 10th, 2007, Carmen Blandin Tarleton’s ex-husband broke into her house, attacked her with a baseball bat, and doused her with industrial strength lye. Over 80% of her body was burned and she was left blinded. This is a story of forgiveness, of incredible resilience, and of finding meaning and purpose in the bleakest of circumstances.

Andrea Sieminski

At age 37, Andrea Sieminski was completely burnt out from work and years of infertility treatment. In a weird sense, she was relieved when she found out that she had breast cancer. I talk to Andrea about her year of cancer and how the Bay Area Young Survivors (BAYS) group changed her life.

Rony Berger

Dr. Rony Berger is a clinical psychologist and an internationally recognized expert in the psychology of terrorism and other major disasters. I speak with Rony about what makes communities resilient, the factors that lead to post-traumatic growth in individuals, and how to raise compassionate children.

Lou Carlozo

Lou Carlozo is a Pulitzer-prize nominated journalist, podcast host, professional musician, novelist, and teacher. He’s also the son of a con-artist and sociopath, and has lived through some incredibly low points in life, including four nervous breakdowns.

Shaylyn Romney Garrett

Shaylyn Romney Garrett is a writer, expert, and seeker of community, connection, and belonging. I speak with her about the future of American society, her latest book, and her personal quest to finding belonging in her own life.

Dave Fuehrer

Dave Fuehrer is the CEO of GRYT Health, a company run by cancer survivors and caregivers that’s changing the face of medicine. This interview is a raw, honest conversation about losing your identity, learning to turn inward, and the good that can come from living through adversity.

Michael Tennant

In this conversation, I speak with Michael Tennant, Founder of Curiosity Lab and the creator of Actually Curious, a hugely successful card game that’s designed to spread empathy.

Phil Zimbardo

In this conversation, I speak with Dr. Zimbardo about his childhood, what led him into psychology, the Stanford Prison Experiment, and his work to create everyday heroes.

Jimmy Carrane

Today I’m joined by Jimmy Carrane, an improv teacher, actor, performer, and writer. We talk about how improv saved his life, why improv appeals to folks who’ve had difficult childhoods, and what it’s like to see your friends get famous.

Carrie Stiers

Carrie Stiers is an intuitive medium, a spiritual teacher, and a life coach. We talk about how she found the courage to follow a path that wasn’t broadly accepted, how she uses her gifts to help people heal, and her advice for the new year.

Megan-Claire Chase

I speak with Megan-Claire Chase about why she started writing, what keeps her going, why she doesn’t want to be labeled as a black cancer survivor, and what she’s found most rewarding.

Maria Kim

Maria Kim is the President & CEO of Cara, a nationally-recognized program to help people experiencing poverty get back to work.

Yotam Heineberg

This episode is a crash course in compassion with Dr. Yotam Heineberg, a clinical psychologist who teaches at Palo Alto University, runs a private practice in San Francisco, and is the Chief Clinical Officer at Resiliens.

Heidi & Pierre Onda

I speak with Heidi and Pierre Onda, the creators of The White Ribbon Project, about how they accidentally started a grassroots movement to spread the word that “anyone with lungs can get lung cancer.”


100 Inspiring Voices wouldn’t have been possible without the support from the amazing guests above.

In particular, thank you to my initial guests – John Montgomery, Julie Hile, Zack Osborne, Dan Berschinski, Bob Berschinski, Derick Carter, Sailini Lohia, Josh Sorin, and Michelle Palmer – who agreed to be interviewed when the show was little more than an idea.

Finally, thank you to Ian Karczewski who provided beautiful graphic design and creative direction.