100 Inspiring Voices podcast

100 Inspiring Voices with Chris Bordoni

Why do some people, teams, and communities grow stronger when faced with adversity?

What can we learn from them, and how might those insights allow us to live better lives?

In this podcast, I’m interviewing 100 individuals with amazing, inspiring, and uplifting stories.

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100 Inspiring Voices | Episode 17 | Scott Simon | Small acts of courage to Scare Your Soul

Serving a purpose bigger than yourself

Silver linings and the best of humanity

100 Inspiring Voices | Episode 12 | Erika Taubner Gold | Remembering the Holocaust

Finding perspective
and becoming more resilient

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100 Inspiring Voices wouldn’t be possible without support from the following:

My initial guests – John Montgomery, Julie Hile, Zack Osborne, Dan Berschinski, Bob Berschinski, Derick Carter, Sailini Lohia, Josh Sorin, and Michelle Palmer – who agreed to be interviewed when the show was little more than an idea.

Ian Karczewski, who provided beautiful graphic design and creative direction.

Laura Albero at Pushkin Industries, Elizabeth Franklin at the Cancer Support Community, Nathalie Casthely at KKP NYC, Cinthia Pacheco at Digitally Overwhelmed, and Carrie Stiers who provided sage advice and counsel when I was starting out.

And of most of all, Laura Bordoni, who has been my biggest supporter at every step along the way.